Hello World!!!!! Time to Get Ready For Spring!!

Being that today is March, 1st 2020 and I live in Sunny florida I thought maybe we should explore a little Fashion this week.   This cute little Sundress is made out of 100% Cotton and its oh SO… SO.. SOFT on the Skin.     It’s from Apartment 9 at Kohls Department Store.   I prefer to wash it on a delicate cycle and add 3 different size hangers to let it line dry. Inside of course as there is so much pollen here in Florida.  I line dry most of my clothes as this helps keep them looking brand new.  And who doesn’t want their clothes looking brand new?    I like to wear this dress with a pair of cut flip flops, dainty sandals or a pair of converse if I am going to be cutting and coloring hair all day.  Its perfect for a date night, Lunch out or certain professions like mine that don’t have a strict Business dress code.    It is also free flowing so on the humid days I don’t  get so hot     Have a great Weekend Everyone!!!    .

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