Jealous of My Office Today??? The Sound Side… Gulf or Mexico

I truly have been blessed to attend UWF and study Marketing/Advertising and Business Administration.    In 2017,  I Co/Founded and became Co/Owner of Markecoast LLC.  We Sell and Design Solo Advertisements for Traffic Exchanges,  Affiliate Marketing & Advertising.  We are Bands Promoters, Brand Promoters for  Companies and Social media experts and advisors.   We are also Credit Repair Agents with MyEcon.

I love that I can work my job from a Tablet, Phone, PC or Lap top.  I can take my work anywhere with me or use my Hot spot and unlimited Data.   I take a lot of mini or working vacations and trips back to Michigan to see my family so this is the perfect job for me.

One of my favorite places to work from just happens to be here in my adopted home of Pensacola, Florida.  Today I have a Lunch Bushiness meeting and then plan on extending my stay at the beach to catch up on some Sunshine, The sound of ocean waxes and and the relaxation at peace I find at the beach.  Stay safe everyone and Make the most of y our day and your life.

Love to you all,

Sharon Skidmore Sult

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