About Me

Who Am I Sharon Skidmore-Sult?

Well first of all  Thank you for checking out my blog and your interest in getting to know me.

I am a recently retired Cosmetologist of 32 years.  Why did I retire?  I started experiencing Rashes, Migraines and Fatigue about three years  ago and in November 2019 I was diagnosed with Lupus an Autoimmune Disorder of the organs,  Sjorgens an Autoimmune Disorder of the skin and Fibromyalgia.   I retired from the field of Cosmetology due  to periods of extreme fatigue, Joint pain, swelling, fevers and Migraines.   I thought why not use my  cosmetology skills and Autoimmune disorders to help create a new career path for myself as well as a help and motivation tool for others.

I have been married to Randy for almost 30 years and traveled the world as a Navy wife for most of that time.

I am a mother of Braydon 23 years, Garrett 21 years, and Lucy 21 years.  We have three Dogs.  Roxy, Sobek & Tyson.

We reside in Milton, Florida just outside of Pensacola.   I love going to the beach,  playing  with my three dogs, Family time, walking, dancing, reading, Swimming, working out, going to concert and sporting events  and being outside.